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The mysterious travels of Masonic Jewels.

Whilst cleaning out a cupboard at the Masonic hall amongst all the rubbish we found a Masonic collar jewel engraved Old England Lodge No 1790 based in the province of Surrey. After a few phone calls it was found the lodge was still active, so we contacted the provincial office and agreed it would be nice to repatriate it and mused over how it ended up in the middle of Kent at the back of a cupboard. The provincial office was very pleased and wanted to know why we were sending it home. The answer comes from a couple of years back when I was in the chair just before my year was up my father now in his late 80s received a phone call from the secretary of the united services lodge Felixstowe. The story went that the lodge was having a clear out and at the back of the secretary’s draw they found the lower half of my fathers past masters jewel from Streatham hill. They agreed to rerun it to him and I had it re purposed as my family past masters jewel. In doing this I hoped someone else would get the same pleasure we did. But it does make you wonder how something like that gets around and ends up in unusual places.

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