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About Us
Paddock Wood Lodge  No. 4291 is the oldest of the three Craft lodges that currently meet at the Paddock Wood Masonic Hall. 
This is a photograph the foundation stone laid by Lord Cornwallis, the Provincial Grand Master of, what was then, the Province of Kent.
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Paddock Wood work the Emulation masonic ritual, of which the Lodge has its own special variations. These variations have been passed down in written form, and are substantially the same over the last 100 years.  Even the 'error'  that was made during the very first Third Degree Ceremony in 1921, (when tradition tells is that no-one would admit the error, claiming it to be a Paddock Wood variation).  And so it remains today in our variations booklet!
Unusually in Freemasonry, all Paddock Wood Lodge members are invited to attend the governing committee meetings, so that everyone gets a say and are listened to, especially our younger Masons, who are after all, the future of our Lodge.
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