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Denzil fills the Gap.

Our Secretary W. Bro. Denzil Peach stepped in at the last minute for our December Meeting as our planned ceremony did not take place.

Coming up to Christmas and as brethren would have a lot of things on their mind, he suggested a non-masonic subject and gave a talk on “The Lighter Side of Banding” giving an account of some of the funnier side of being a member of a band such as marching off an arena leaving a fanfare team stranded in the middle, or playing the “Laurel and Hardy” theme whist a group of Instructors marched of a parade square having just been inspected, much to the enjoyment of the spectators and the annoyance of the drill instructor. He also explained a little bit about the instruments he plays and as you can imagine it was a very pleasant evening.

Denzil is a members of several bands and only recently arranged for 12 members of the Royal Engineers Association Band to play for the East Kent Provincial Carol Service which was held at the Garrison Church Brompton on Friday 9th December 2022. As you can see there is another side to being a freemason.

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