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Another new Brother joins the fold.

​Last night, 12th October, our newest candidate Mr. Thomas Hudson was initiated by W.Bro. Mark Flisher, in a very happy and moving ceremony during which Bro. Tom, a Lewis, was paraded around with all due dignity by his father who was acting as the Junior Deacon.

​After the Initiation ceremony, W.Bro. Richard Hunt , our Charity Steward, detailed the ways in which he will be proposing to spend over £1,000, principally to our local food bank charity, but with £200.00 of the above awarded to “The Widows Sons”, for their toys for the disadvantaged charities.

At the Festive Board we enjoyed a splendid Pâté , Chicken main meal, and a massive Crème Brulé to follow. Altogether a very happy and splendid meeting. Next month we will be looking forward to performing our Remembrance ‘Empty Chair Ceremony’, and will be welcoming another Joining Member.

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