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The story of the Centenary Banner

The new banner was designed by Mr Nick Chinnery, who is a self taught water colour artist, based in North Norfolk.  He originally took up art as a means of relaxation, away from a very stressful position as a logistical planner for a Norfolk based heavy plant operator.
He has now become a very successful water colour artist, a large number of his works have been purchased by the celebrity chef, and Norwich City owner, Delia Smith. These works now adorn the various restaurants around the Carrow Road football stadium.
old banner6.jpg
The banner depicts the evolution in the Province through the life of the lodge so far, incorporating much of the old ( Kent ) and the new ( East Kent ).
It was felt by the membership that we should retain much of the imagery of the original Paddock Wood Lodge banner, giving an air of mysticism and intrigue, which can then be further expanded upon at open evenings and white table meetings etc.  
Banner design.jpg
Some of the images used from the original lodge banner, like the all-seeing eye, stars and moon, the Invicta and horse rampant, are all on the original lodge banner, we have then incorporated the pilgrim traveling from Rochester castle to the Pharos at Deal.
Hop cart PWood.jpg
hop pocket storage.jpg
Originally all of the local hops were sold to the Hop Marketing Board, and then transported out of the area via the adjacent rail network.
The main dining hall in the Masonic centre has also been used for the storage of said hops, with black and white photographs showing the bales stacked right up to the ceiling.     Temporary photo to left.
The Pharos iconography is taken from A Pilgrims Progress, and was the route taken by pilgrims in the Middle Ages down the old Whatling Street.  This led pilgrims from London through to Canterbury and onto the coast, where they carried on towards the Holyland.
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