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Excellent News - Another Heritage Day

Once again the Paddock Wood Masonic Hall is opening the doors on Saturday 9th September 2023. It is a part of the local area's Heritage Day event.

The theme this year, among others, will be The Masonic Bikers Association who will be bringing along several 'beasts', from both the Western and Eastern side of the county of Kent.

- There is to be a display of Hop-industrial memorabilia.

- The Order of Women Freemasonry will be present, talking about their Masonic Order.

- There will be guided tours of the Masonic Temple, with question and answer sessions.

- Also short (5 minute) P.C-based talks about Freemasonry continually running on a T.V. screen

Much more . . . but up-to-date information and photographs, Posters etc, may be found on the Masonic Hall website which may be found here:- (

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