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  • Dave Parker

​Last night, 12th October, our newest candidate Mr. Thomas Hudson was initiated by W.Bro. Mark Flisher, in a very happy and moving ceremony during which Bro. Tom, a Lewis, was paraded around with all due dignity by his father who was acting as the Junior Deacon.

​After the Initiation ceremony, W.Bro. Richard Hunt , our Charity Steward, detailed the ways in which he will be proposing to spend over £1,000, principally to our local food bank charity, but with £200.00 of the above awarded to “The Widows Sons”, for their toys for the disadvantaged charities.

At the Festive Board we enjoyed a splendid Pâté , Chicken main meal, and a massive Crème Brulé to follow. Altogether a very happy and splendid meeting. Next month we will be looking forward to performing our Remembrance ‘Empty Chair Ceremony’, and will be welcoming another Joining Member.

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  • Dave Parker

The Masonic Hall Company have arranged an Xmas meal at the Hall on the 4th December. This will be a repeat of those held successfully prior to the pandemic. It is good to have it back on the calendar. Adults are at £22.50 each and children under 12 years old are £8.00 each. Full details, including booking details, are on the flyer below. Put it in your diary and join us. (They tell me that places are going fast).

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  • Dave Parker

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

This is a photograph of our original Warrant issued to us in 1921, as the authority to consecrate the Lodge.

It was sent tp the picture framers/restorers, who advised that after 100 years, and the way that the item was framed at the time, they were concerned that any attempt to clean the warrant would carry with it unnecessary risks. They did, however clean up the framme and ensured, best that they could that the warrant was propoerly sealed

This is our centenary warrant entitling us to be 100 years old and to wear a centenary jewel to mark the occasion.

This certificate is hand-calligraphed on specialist paper and cost over £800.00.

Both of these documents have been hung on the Temple wall.

Neither are particularly easy to read, but the text of the warrant can be found in a readable form, here.

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