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The social side of Freemasonry
Apart from our seven formal meetings when we pass new members through the four main ceremonies of Craft in Freemasonry (followed by a nice meal and the opportunity for a drink or two!), we have fourteen other get-togethers.
These start at 7.30pm for a couple of hours every month when we rehearse the degrees mentioned earlier.  It's a bit of an informal,  light-hearted learning and rehearsal session for the more formal meetings.   Also, several times a year we hold events where we can invite our 'better halves' and non-masons to join us socially.
In the past, for instance, we  have had quiz nights, race nights, interesting speakers, tribute bands etc.   Twice now, we have had visiting Masons from Virginia, USA demonstrating their slant on the Masonic Ritual.  Very interesting too.
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From time to time, we organise non-obligatory tours to go around the Lodge room and the Premises.  This gives those who are interested in Freemasonry, or perhaps those who are just curious, Men, Ladies and Children alike, a chance to see what we are about. 
Most questions will be answered!
If you think you may be interested, then if there are six or more of you, we may be able to organise an hour's viewing for you.  If you think you might be interested, please contact our Secretary here, for availability.
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